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SD Comic-Con 2010: il programma di Venerdì

E’ stato svelato il programma ufficiale di venerdì 23 luglio alla Comic-Con.
L’elenco dopo il cut.



10,00-11,00 Comedy Central, “Ugly Americans” (Room 25ABC)
10,15-11,15 Aloha, Earth!- “Hawaii Five-0” – CBS (Room 6BCF)
10,30-11,30 “Batman, The Brave and the Bold” Screening and Q&A – Cartoon Network (Room 6A)
10,30-11,30 Neal Adams and Stan Lee, They Spoke Out–Against the Holocaust – ABC (Room 9)
10,30-11,30 “Stargate Universe” – Syfy (Ballroom 20)
10,30-11,30 Summit Entertainment, “Drive Angry 3D” (Hall H)
11,00-12,00 “Star Wars” Day, Hasbro Panel (Room 7AB)
11,00-12,00 “Bob’s Burgers” – FOX (Room 25ABC)
11,00-12,00 Costume Designers, Designing for TV Production (Room 32AB)
11,00-11,45 Dimension Films, “Piranha 3D” (Hall H)
11,30-12,30 AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (Room 6BCF)
11,30-12,30 “Caprica” – Syfy (Ballroom 20)
11,45-12,45 Cartoon Network, Comedy Animation (Room 6A)
12,00-13,00 “Star Wars” Day, Collectibles Update (Room 7AB)
12,00-13,00 “Neighbors from Hell” – TBS (Room 25ABC)
12,00-13,00 “Skyline” – Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, and Rogue Pictures (Hall H)
12,45-13,45 “The Big Bang Theory” – CBS (Ballroom 20)
13,00-14,00 “Star Wars” Day, Beyond Solo, Crafting the Multiplayer Story in Star Wars, The Old Republic (Room 7AB)
13,00-14,00 Motion Picture and Television Production Designers (Room 32AB)
13,00-14,00 “Super” (Hall H)
13,30-14,30 SHIFTing Gears, Tim Kring and Zach Quinto (Room 5AB)
14,00-15,00 Spotlight on Stan Lee (Room 6BCF)
14,00-15,00 “Star Wars” Day, Inside the Force (Room 7AB)
14,00-15,00 “Yo Gabba Gabba!” – Panel, Q&A, and Prize Giveaway – Nickelodeon (Room 8)
14,00-14,45 “Bones” – FOX (Ballroom 20)
14,15-15,15 “The Cape”, Sneak Peek and Panel Discussion – NBC (Room 6A)
14,15-15,45 Miramax Films, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” (Hall H)
14,30-15,30 Nickelodeon, Penguins, Lemurs, and Pandas, Oh My! (Room 5AB)
15,00-16,00 “Star Wars” Day, Star Wars Trivia Game Show (Room 7AB)
15,00-15,45 The Joss Whedon Experience (Ballroom 20)
15,15-16,15 “Spartacus, Blood and Sand” — Andy Whitfield (Room 6BCF)
15,30-16,30 “Terra Nova” – FOX (Room 6A)
15,30-16,30 Writing for Television, From First Draft to Getting Staffed–  Spiro Skentzos (Marriott Hall 2)
16,00-17,00 Entertainment Weekly, Girls Who Kick Ass, A New Generation of Heroines (Ballroom 20)
16,00-18,00 Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Other Guys and The Green Hornet (Hall H)
16,30-17,30 Adult Swim Panel Featuring Robot Chicken, Venture Bros, and Metalocalypse (Room 6BCF)
16,30-17,30 Pixar Animation Studios, Ronnie Del Carmen (Room 26AB)
16,45-17,45 “Falling Skies” – TNT (Room 6A)
17,00-18,30 Scribe Awards/Media Tie-in Writers Panel (Room 4)
17,00-18,00 Girls Gone Genre, Movies, TV, Comics, Web (Room 24ABC)
17,15-18,15 “True Blood” Panel and Q&A session – HBO (Ballroom 20)
17,30-18,30 Famous Monsters of Filmland, From the Pages and Beyond (Room 3)
17,30-18,30 Concept Design for Entertainment (Room 5AB)
17,30-18,30 Shout! Factory, Roger Corman, King of the Independents (Room 25ABC)
18,00-19,00 BBC America’s “Being Human” (Room 6A)
18,00-19,00 “Archer” – FX (Room 7AB)
18,00-19,00 “The Goon” Film Panel (Room 24ABC)
18,00-19,00 “Simpsons” Collectors Group (Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Hotel and Marina)
18,30-19,30 Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet’s RAW Entertainment (Room 4)
18,30-19,30 TV Guide Magazine, The 2010 Hot List (Ballroom 20)
18,30-19,30 Old School American Horror (Room 32AB)
19,00-20,00 “America’s Greatest Otaku” — Stu Levy (Room 8)
19,30-20,30 Discovery Channel’s “Reign of the Dinosaurs” (Room 6BCF)
19,30-20,30 “30 Days of Night, Dark Days” (Room 7AB)
19,30-20,30 “Grant Morrison, Talking with Gods” (Room 9)
20,00-21,00 Anthropology of “Twilight Zone” —  Daryl G. Frazetti (Room 8)
20,00-22,00 World Premiere, “Batman, Under the Red Hood” (Ballroom 20)
20,15-21,15 Marvel, “Iron Man” Anime (Room 6DE)
20,30-21,30 Ironclad Panel and Footage (Room 7AB)
20,45-22,45 Syfy Friday Night Screening, “Eureka” and “Haven” (Room 6A)
21,00-22,00 Worst Cartoons Ever (Room 6BCF)
21,30-22,30 “The Blood Factory” (Room 5AB)
22,00-24,00 Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation, “Sick and Twisted” (Room 6BCF)
22,15-23,45 Encore Screening, “Batman, Under the Red Hood” (Ballroom 20)
23,00-24,30 Syfy Original Movies and Chiller, “Mega Piranha” (Room 6A)


Consulta il programma completo.


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